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how many calories do u burn by sliding down a wall crying





if i had a penne for every time i’ve asked myself that same question

you didnt just do that

Anonymous asked: Imagine Bucky using Steve's shield as a sled in the winter


he wasn’t counting on how little traction it would have, and they picked a big hill to try it out -

"fuck fuck FUCK i FUCKED UP—"

luckily for the world, sam was recording; a vine consisting of just bucky whizzing through the screen yelling obscenities goes viral within hours. it’s tagged #hecallshimselfthewintersoldier, and steve doesn’t stop laughing about it for days.

The moment when Harry takes Draco's wand

  • J. K. Rowling: I said to Arthur, my American editor - we had an interesting conversation during the editing of seven - the moment when Harry takes Draco's wand, Arthur said, God, that's the moment when the ownership of the Elder wand is actually transferred? And I said, that's right. He said, shouldn't that be a bit more dramatic? And I said, no, not at all, the reverse. I said to Arthur, I think it really puts the elaborate, grandiose plans of Dumbledore and Voldemort in their place. That actually the history of the wizarding world hinged on two teenage boys wrestling with each other. They weren't even using magic. It became an ugly little corner tussle for the possession of wands. And I really liked that - that very human moment, as opposed to these two wizards who were twitching strings and manipulating and implanting information and husbanding information and guarding information, you know? Ultimately it just came down to that, a little scuffle and fistfight in the corner and pulling a wand away.
  • Melissa Anelli: It says a lot about the world at large, I think, about conflict in the world, it's these little things -
  • J. K. Rowing: And the difference one individual can make. Always, the difference one individual can make.


sassy english teachers are the best because they’re beyond sarcastic and somehow always end up insulting the kid that you hate and everyone else likes






i love how there is no comments on this everyone just gets the reference

No. No, I don’t get the reference. 300 thousand people have reblogged this without a word, without so much as a tag, because apparently we all get the reference. I fucking don’t. This has passed by my dashboard hundreds of fucking times and nobody ever asks what the fuck it is.

I’m officially terming this post a conspiracy. 300000 people could not just know what this is. You’re all reblogging this to fit in, or because you know it messes with people, or because you’re the fucking Matrix. You’re the Matrix, aren’t you? You’re all a bunch of Mr Smiths living in a world of green code. Well fuck you all and fuck your stupid post. I’m off to save fucking Zion.

Fuck this.

Dude it’s from spongebob

have you ever regretted a post

at this point the reactions are even funnier than the original post


UK's new covers for Harry Potter 


what if when we’re like 80 they remake harry potter and the kids of that time get to see peeves and st mungos and “it unscrews the other way” and “have a biscuit potter” and the portraits applauding in the headmasters office and no fucking breaking of the elder wand I’m going to be so pissed off


"nice blog"

thank you im really good at clicking reblog

Free! boyfriends in grey and red (◕‿◕✿)
Gamora, surgically modified and trained as a living weapon. The adopted daughter of the mad titan, Thanos. Recently, Thanos lent her and her sister, Nebula out to Ronan, which leads us to believe that Thanos and Ronan are working together.


i have been informed that it is heterosexual awareness month

i would like to state that i am very aware of heterosexuals.  they appear to be everywhere, encroaching, always circling closer and closer, whispering ‘no homo’ and canonizing the male friendship as the only truly important relationship in media.  

they are out there, they are out there, and they are coming.  please be advised and take appropriate countermeasures.



and if he does it with love; a wolfstar fanmix 

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o1;; afraid “i’d like to know you more / tell you you’re fine / even though you’re not.”

o2;; himerus and eros → “your tongue is wet with top secret passion / i hope i am the cause of it.”

o3;; for real “and i don’t want to hear you say / it shouldn’t really be this way / cause i like this way just fine.”

o4;; high and dry (radiohead cover)→ “flying on your motorcycle / watching all the ground beneath you drop.”

o5;; shake the sheets  “sometimes it’s gonna hurt / sometimes you’re gonna deserve it / and how’re you gonna save the world / when the world ain’t ready?”

o6;; black sheep “i’ll send you my love on a wire / lift you up / every time / everyone pulls away from you.”

o7;; violet hill (coldplay cover)→ “so if you love me / why’d you let me go?”

o8;; the sword and the pen → “no matter how sweet / no matter how brave / what if each to his own lonely grave?”

o9;; atlantic “now the room is spinning / the day’s beginning.”

10;; poke → “we can change our partners / this is a progressive dance / but remember it was me who dragged you up to the sweaty floor.”

11;; song of our so-called friend “although my heart started to race / now it has slowed.”

12;; for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti “i’ll do anything for you / i did everything for you.”

13;; our own pretty ways “let’s not spill the truth / it’s easier being alone.”

14;; blood red blood “lonely boy / where do we go?”